5 days after my birthday


Its been 5 days since my 23rd birthday. And its been a pretty good few days although since Sunday night Ive been a little blue. Thanks to some money and medicinal issues.

But before that I have been actually happy. It all started on my birthday last Thursday. I had spent all Wednesday night cleaning my room and the apartment because the landlord wanted to inspect the apartment on Thursday. I decided to get up early and finish off vacuuming the carpet and dealing with the kitty litter. I was so happy that the apartment was clean and that I had done it with nearly no help from my flatmate!

The day went on with birthday wishes and a $300 gift card from my mother. Oh and my free Boost Juice! I got the Blueberry burst.

I couldnt really do anything that day because I was waiting for the landlord to call so I could show her the apartment. By 3pm I was so exhausted so I took a nap and ended up waking at 6pm. The landlord still hadnt called and basically stole my day! But I decided that I wasnt going to let that ruin my birthday. I then had a lovely birthday with my parents. I tried extremely hard to ignore my mothers negative comments. I kind of wished that my twin brother could have joined us because its his birthday too and this is the first birthday that I havent lived with him.

On Friday I had to help my dad with a catering job ladling kangaroo soup and stew to people. At first I was being a bit of a brat because my dad did say I had to serve people, but then I tried my best to be happy. It wasnt too hard to feel happy because I got to listen to some nice music which was preformed by Ben Nicholas who plays stingray on Neighbours. They werent that bad.

After all that I decided to spend my gift card. This isnt the easiest thing for me, because I can be one of the most indecisive people on earth, I would rather someone actually by me my gift or give me the actual money so I am not stuck having to spend the money at one store! I hate gift cards. Anyway after hours of looking and thinking of what I wanted I finally bought: The garden state sound track (finally), Seasons 1,2 and 3 of [Scrubs] DVDs, The Good Girl dvd, city of angles dvd,  Donnie darko dvd, a 10m Ethernet cable and a $50 itunes music card. Kind of boring I know. I was going to buy some clothes or shoes but at the moment I dont really feel like buying clothes for a few months. Right now I have $100 left on my gift card and I dont have a clue what to buy. I guess I could buy some new bras but $100 will only buy be 2 and I feel like thats a waste.

Friday was also good because I got hit on twice even though I felt like I wasnt really neat in my appearance. The first was by this cute blond guy who was so sweet but I was in my spoilt brat mood and couldnt really reply nicely to him or reply at all for that mater because I am a blubbering mess when it comes to cute guys. The second guy came up to me while I was sitting on a chair out side HMV in Bourke Street, he came up to me and asked for my mobile number, at first I said I didnt have it on me and he said well get it, so I got my mobile out and he was saying how cute I looked when he sore me sitting here. So I gave him my number and thought he was kind of cute. He said hes name was Joe and he was from Sydney and that hed call me that night. By the way he hasnt called me yet. Which Im not too stressed about, sure it gave me a smile but by the end of the day if he doesnt call, then its just not meant to be. Plus I think he was kind of short but I was sitting at the time so I couldnt really tell. Not that being short is a bad thing but I am 174cms tall and it would be nice if I dont have to bend over to kiss my man.

On Friday night I started my [Scrubs] marathon which all 3 seasons took me till Sunday night with brakes and sleep. It made me so happy, watching one of my favourite shows; I cant wait till season 4 and 5 comes out on DVD. Its weird there are some many other TV show dvds Ive really wanted to get forever but I ended up getting [Scrubs]. Mostly because it was way cheaper then the others. But just in case some of my peps out there want to buy me the box sets of, The X-files, Buffy, Friends and the arrested development DVDs.

Anyway that was pretty much my birthday and the days that followed. On Monday I did nothing and today I had to go to the doctor who told me ear infection and the sharp pain in my lower back to the right is because I strained my back.

I hope you enjoyed. Sorry if it reads a little muddled but I am not the best writer. Also this entry wasnt that interesting. I’m soo tired.


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