Lately I have been thinking a lot about censorship. The question I have running in my head is, shouldnt consenting adults be able to watch whatever the hell they want too? In saying that I am a little bit of a hypercritic because I do think that some of the movie banned from Australia because of extreme real violence and sex should be banned. Censorship is not a black and white issue.

 I guess my biggest issue is with parents groups and others complaining about shows like big brother. Yes big brother isnt the smartest programme out there but neither is home and away. Big brother didnt air the john and Ash thing on TV, there fore hasnt broken any rules. Also if you have an issue with a program the best thing to do is not watch it. Thanks to ch 7 and 9 having nothing better to do then slam big brother. The ratings of big brother have doubled! If BB didnt have any thing bad happen all year the ratings would continue too drop and ch 10 would probably cancel it.

The issue is Adults of free thinking minds should have a choice of what they watch on TV. If parents dont want their kids to watch it then dont let them! Especially if your kids are up late watching Adults only TV, I think its time to take responsibility of your children and send them to bed.
If you as an adult find a show offensive or you just dont like it, CHANGE THE STATION! And heres a novel idea, how about not watching TV at all. Get off your fat butts and go for a walk or read a book.

The cancellation of BB Adults only didnt really affect me that much, mostly because I personally dont like the people in the house and also when I did watch it; it was only to perve on the boys in the showers. Where I would smile at Jamies perfect body and downstairs area. And laugh at Robs lack of down stairs area (thank god hes gay).
I also watched it because at the time there as nothing else to watch. But now I watch Greys Anatomy, which mostly just fills in the time before my favourite shows Scrubs and Arrested Development is on.

That all said, I sore the video of what John and Ash did to Camilla. And think that BB was right to kick them out (mostly because I hated Ash and John). But that said Camilla didnt exactly look like she was a victim. They were all joking around and so was she. In fact she seems to know that, that was their plan. Also I think in away BB was a little wrong not to kick her out because I sore her go down and reach for Johns downstairs and him yelling F*** Off! I also would like to note that the reason John and Ash did not get charged for their joke is because Camilla didnt lay any charges and the police didnt see that they broke any laws. Another thing, if you were to say BB was to blame in all this, you are wrong. These boys could have done this kind of thing anywhere in the real world.

If any of you out there want to see the video for your self to make up your own mind as a free thinking adult. Then be quick, BB is chasing down all the sites hosting the video and making them remove it. I suggest the best way to find it is by searching Big Brother Turkey slap video. Good luck.

Oh and one more little note. John Howard shouldnt have said anything about BB. Saying a show is stupid is like saying the viewers are stupid and saying the viewers are stupid is like saying the Australian voters are stupid. Please dont make me vote for that idiot Kim Beazley! (I wont but its hard to pick between a turd sandwich and a giant douche).

Anyway thats enough of my rambling.

 Love Jarra

P.S. I also hate Game censorship. As an Adult I want to play Adult games. I’m happy with a game being rated R and me buying it because I am over 18. I don’t think kids should play those games but it’s really is up to their Mums and dads. P.P.S If you notice that a lot of times in my blog I don’t have one of these babies: ‘ it’s because I copied my blog post out of my MS Word and for some reason they aren’t showing up. I am not in the mood to go though this post and fix it, maybe later.

JUST ONE MORE THING. I took this which bb are you test and this is who I am

Go to http://www.shrineofinsanity.com/tests/bb06/quiz.html

I am not a Clair fan and I don’t think she’ll win (I think Jamie will win) but it could of been worse, because apart from her voice which drive me crazy, I think more of her as a human being then the others.


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