YAY, I finally have my computer back, which means now I actually got to make a new video…. damn!

I haven’t actually got any energy to make a new video because I’ve been really busy with work. But I’ll try to make a little teaser intro for the new “season” of Jam Jar films. It won’t be great or anything but there are some changes coming.

One of these I’ll let you in on now. The old Sim I used is no more, I sexed up the old one (what I’ll need to succeed as a girl on you tube) and made her more real looking (that’s her in the logo below).  Note: I didn’t make her look like me because it’s too hard to copy my beauty (lol).

Jam Jar Flims Logo 

With my new videos I still want to have it as a blog with a little short at the start or whatever. But I also want to start making just Sims 2 short movies.

I’ve been downloading lots of user content for the Sims 2. Which should make it easier to make my videos.

I also made this new logo for Jam Jar Films, which I think could be a little better but will be fine for now.

I recently joined VOX for my new blog and I am really liking it but I don’t want to make it my main blog because only members can comment, which sucks.

I’m going to make a main site soon, when I find some time.

I’m still living on the lounge floor at my parents. Hopefully I should be getting my new apartment by the end of the month.

Anyway better go, try and think of my new video… Any ideas?


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