I’m Going to Tokyo


Sim Jarra

That’s right; I’m going to for 2 weeks. I can’t wait. Unfortunately that’s the only good thing that’s happening in my life. I know being a blog I should tell you all about it. But being that I’ve spent all day trying to make myself relax and not think or cry about it. Writing about it is just like picking a scab; it’s just going to make me feel worst.


I will tell you all about everything soon, once I am fully recovered.

Anyway I hopefully will have a new video out soon before I leave. But it will be in subtitles because I stupidly lost my Mic.

Oh by the way. If you look at my blog, mostly the post entitled “Censorship”, posted on the 4th of July, you will see a banner at the bottom of that post saying with which housemate I was more like in BB06. This Housemate was Clair. And guess who I sore walking in in the late afternoon? That’s right Clair. Not like anyone cares, not that I even care. But I just thought I’d record this for future reference.

It was strange seeing her because if it wasn’t for me hearing a voice coming behind me which was sooooooo annoying and familiar that it made me turn around, I wouldn’t have even noticed her.



Anyway I hope you are all well. Cya



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