Hello From Japan 2


Last time I mentioned that I was going to Shibuya, so let’s start off from there.

After making my way to Shinjuku to meet Hayley we caught a train to Shibuya. We arrived it was like 7pm and I instantly was just WOW! Shibuya is like Shinjuku mainly because of all the lights and nosie. I took lots of photos which I’ll share when I get home. We made our way to 109 which is a store where the Kogaru (I thinks that’s what they are called) girls, Shop (look it up in google if you don’t know what they are.).  While we were in the huge department store I sore the Brown face (they actaully colour their face dark brown) Kogaru girls which acording to hayley, it’s extremly rare to see them now days. They got away befor for I got a picture but I got a picture later of a guy and girl Kogaru.

After there we went to have dinner at a place called Pink Cow, we went there because 1 Hayley is a vegie and it’s really hard for her to find places to eat, also they serve westen type food and she was home sick for some. She liked it but I felt it was over very priced and too small.

When we finished dinner we pasted this area where these guys were practicing their hip hop dancing, which Hayley said is not uncomman there.
Hayley decided to go up to them and ask them why they danced, they said because they love it. Hayley then asked them to show us, so they did. After that we talked about dance and Australia. And then they said that they wanted to do a dance for us again. So we got another dance. We then thank them and said our good byes.

We then started to look for a place called Alcatraz E.R. which I guess is like a them resturant. After going the wrong way a few times we eventually found it. When we entered the lady tryed to give us a Stamp on our hands with a giant needle, but Hayley started to get scared of it because we didn’t know at the time it was a stamp. And because she was freaking out I wasn’t going to get the needle because I thought it was a shock thing. Anyway after five mins of us not wanting to get the needle, the lady said it was just a stamp, stamped Hayleys hand and led us to out table.

We ordered some cocktails which were really cool. Like mine which was in a drip thing and Hayleys which was in test tubes which you put in to a beaker.

After we finished our drinks, the lights went out and there was a siren noise and when Hayley went to the door of our room the gate was closed. So I went up to see it and the Lady who by the way is dressed as a nurse was leading some guy with a sheet over his head down the hall way. Then there is all this screeming and cap gun shot sounds and in to our room comes the nurse shooting at us and then a few seconds later a guy in the mask from screem comes in shooting at us. It was soo funny. After all the lights came on the nurse and the screem guy came back so we could take photos.

We order more drinks and this time mine was two blue pills filled with methol tasting stuff which you have to bite down on and then you follow it with OJ. Hayleys was a jar with fake gross teeth inside.

We stayed a bit longer in the hope they would do the show again but they didn’t.

All in all  Alcatraz E.R. was very fun and cool and although a bit pricy it was soo worth it and I hope to go back one more time before I leave.

We then had to make our way back to Shibuya station before the last train, but along the way I got to see Love motel hill, which is filled with love motels.

We eventually made it back to the train station and home for much needed sleep.

Now on to today.

I’ll talk more about what happened today later but right now I have to go meet Hayley for dinner.

Love Jarra


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