Hello From Japan



It’s my 3rd day here in Japan, and all is well.

When I arrived I was a little over come by it all, but all has been good so far. My first meal in tokyo was from macdonalds, but it was a prawn buguar, it was nice.

Yesterday I got to explore a bit with Hayley. We went to Harajuku and walked around looking at stuff. Harajuku was cool and we went to have some photo stickers taken which look really cool. There are many things here that are cheaper here then back home so I may bring a somethings back, We are going back to Harajuku the sunday before I leave. For lunch in Harajuku, we had pizza but it’s not like pizza back home. It’s on a really thin crispy base and they have simple toppings. But they still taste like pizza.
After Harajuku it was time for Hayley at 5pm to go to work. So I had 4 hours alone to walk around and explore Shinjuku. It was not to hard and when I got misdirected I always found my way back. One of my fave things was going down Shomben Yokocho other wise known as “piss alley” which is filled with little ramshackle huts and restaurants. The smells of food going down the alley is beautiful.
I then went and bought a banana with was soo cheap and tasted wonderful. I also wasted 660 yen on trying to win something in a game parlor, but I couldn’t so I gave up.

I got to see the Playstation 3 which was so cool, the games are WOW, way better then the xbox 360.

When it was nearly 9pm I went to meet Hayley to have dinner and go home.

For dinner we ate at this place that made Tempura, it was soo good. I had  a meal that had some sea food, veg and mushrooms Tampura with rice, miso soup and little blows of pickled stuff. Then we headed home.

Today Hayley had to start work earlier so I’m going to rest because my legs and feet are really sore from non stop walking (there are no places to sit in Tokyo). Then I’m going to explore the area where I’m staying at the moment which is called sasazuku. Then at 5pm I am catching a train somehow to Shinjuku to meet Hayley at 6pm, meaning I’ll have to walk around a bit in shinjuku again. Then once I meet Hayley we are going to Shibuya.

Anyway I better go. Hope all is well. Talk soon


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