Hello from Japan 3


On Wednesday we went to Shimokitazawa which has lot’s of vintage clothes, which are a lot better then the vintage stores back home. They call Shimokitawa like a hippy, arty kind of area. After Shimokitazawa I went back to Sasazuku, while Hayley was at work. While there I decided to get my haircut. It wasn’t too hard to get a hair cut and ended up costing me 3000yen which is about $35. The hair cut is ok but I don’t really know about the fringe and length. But it’ll grow out.

Later I met up with Hayley and we ate at this Italian restaurant. There is so much Italian food here, I really just want to eat more Japanese food but like I mention Hayleys a vegetarian and it’s hard to find somewhere we can both eat. But I am sick of eating food I can eat at home. Hopefully once I move to the hostel in Asakusa, I’ll be able to try more foods. But I have had so Sushi, Tempura and this sweet thing which was gross. Oh and with food here, nearly everything is sweet.

It started to rain a little so I bought an umbrella which you can buy anywhere for 399yen. The weather here hasn’t been too bad. Cold but not much colder then what Melbourne was and it’s only really just rained yesterday.

Thursday we were going to go to central Tokyo but we were just too tired so, slept most of the day, explored Sasazuku, watched Friends and Simpsons in Japanese on TV and made sure I cleaned my clothes and packed my bad, ready to go to Asakusa tomorrow.

Yesterday we we to Hello Kitty land, which was expensive but very very cute. It`s actaully a place for little kids. It was a good long trip out there and I got to see other parts of tokyo that aren`t a city.

I was not very well at the start of the day but soon felt better. After Hello Kitty Land we went back to hayleys place backed my bags and headed to my hostel. Luckly we arrive just befor 10pm when it closes.

Once I got my keys and left my luggage in the room we went off to have dinner and Explore Asakusa a little. Then Hayley had to leave to go to a party which if I wasn`t feeling so ill, I would of gone to.

Today I got up early after a good nights sleep. And set out to explore Asakusa. I can`t really explain Asakusa very well but all I can say is I`m so glad I`m staying here, apart from the seeing more tourist then I have my whole trip.

That’s all for today, I`m finding it hard to type on this japanese keyboard and I`m tired.

Tomorrow we are going to Harajuku again, can`t wait.

Take care

Love Jarra


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