Hello From Japan 4


On Sunday I went to Harajuku, Hayley was meant to meet me there at 10 am but she over slept and said she’ll be there at 12 pm. So for 2 hours I explored what I hadn’t seen of Harajuku in the rain. I found this really cool shop with all the old toys I grew up with. It took all my will not to buy the entire shop.
After more exploring I called Hayley at 12 pm like she asked. When she answered she told me she decided that she didn’t want to come.
Luckily my phone cut out because I was about to lose my temper. So I walked around a little Japanese garden, that had really huge Koi in the pond.

Eventually I cooled down and called her. I wasn’t mad that she didn’t want to come, I was mad that she wasted 2 hours of my time in wait for her to come. If she had told me in the beginning that she was tired, I would understand even though Harajuku on a Sunday (her day off), was her idea.

After listening to her excuses I decided to explore the huge park behind Harajuku station, which is more like a forest with shrines. It was really pretty and peaceful. It was also nice to see the little girls in their Kimonos to go to the temple.

I walked in the park for ages in the rain with my cheap umbrella. And eventually made my way back to the train for Asakusa.

When I arrived in Asakusa I had dinner at a Sushi train and had my first drink of sake which was served hot.

Later when I returned to the Hostel I thought it was time to talk to my fellow roommates. One was from the UK, two from Israel and the last one was from North Fitzroy Melbourne Australia. I don’t think the Melbourne girl liked me very much but the other girls seemed to put up with my ramblings more.

On Monday I didn’t feel like doing anything and for some reason my phone wasn’t working, so I couldn’t call Hayley until 12pm. Most of the day I spent online, talking to the English girl and reading my book.

On Tuesday Hayley arrived late after sleeping in so we couldn’t go on the river cruise. So we went to Ueno, where we had sushi train lunch.
After lunch we walked Ueno park where there is this huge pond filled with a Forrest of water lillys. The water lillys were all dead and it looked kinda gross, but I am sure that in spring/summer it looks nice.

We walked to another pond which was much smaller. We rented a Swan Boat there and paddled around the pond.
We fed the ducks from the Swan boat which was a bad idea because soon Hayley became crazy scared of the cute ducks. I was more scared that she was about to tip us over in to the gross pond, with all her jumping around madly.

So I peddled fast away from the cute evil ducks, to settle her down. When our time was up we docked our swan and walked back to the train station.

Yesterday after waiting and calling hayley forever, I decided to go on the river cruise alone. So at 11:55 am I got on the really cool looking boat. Eventually we reached Odaiba, a small island with a small statue of libity, huge mall and big ferris wheal.
In the mall there is a indoor theme park called joypolis sega. It cost me ¥3300 for an all day passport which got me on all the rides.

Most of the theme park is arcade games, but they had some really fun rides, which are more like ride simulators

The first ride I went on was heart racing and while on it I was wishing it would end. The ride was called Half pipe canyon and it’s surpose to be like being on a snow board which goes side to side really fast and does spins every now and then.

the next one I went on was called Wild wind which is a big screen and wind blows at you and the seat moves as if you are really flying up and down. It was really fun. After that one I did a simulor ride called wild river.

 Next I went on one of the most scariest ever. it’s called The room of the Living dolls and you walk in the dark to this room filled with dolls. You then sit down and put a head set on. The room goes pitch black and there are noises every where and a creepy lady’s voice speaks next to your ears in Japanese, making scissor noises and sounds of cutting your hair. I won’t same more but that ride left me emotionally scared.

 The Second last ride was a short 3D movie which was really good.

The last ride I went on, which I thought was going to be really scary but ended up being really lame. too lame even to describe.

When I left the park I went to this world of coke shop which had lots and lots of things with coke a cola on them. I then passed this sony science thing, which looked sooo cool, but I had to make my way back to Asakusa. I wish I could of not waited and left earlier on the cruise that morning but oh well.

I had to take 2 cruise boats this time, the stop went to Hinode pire which had a nice view of Tokyo Tower on the way there. Then it was straight back to Asakusa.

I had a lovely meal of japanese noodles, dumplings and a beer for ¥2000 which is more then I usually pay but this was a nice restaurant and I wanted at least one nice restaurant meal before I go.

Later that night at 10pm one of the girls in my room wanted to say a good bye with some sake with me and the English girl. We stayed up till 2am.

Today, I found my way to Akihabara (electric town). Which is filled with shops selling manga and electronics. I went to the Anime Center there which is really just one room, but still kinda cool.

After some shopping in Akihabara and a really cheap lunch of the best raman and gozas I’ve had, I caught the train to Ginza, where I didn’t really do much but look at the sony building which is very cool.

After Ginza I caught the train to Tokyo central and sore the Imperial palace which is really beautiful with lots of Autumn colours.

Now I am back in Asakusa, every tired after a long day. Think, I’ll have a small dinner and head to bed. Disney Land tomorrow!!!


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