The conclusion to Hello From Japan.


Sorry it’s taken me once again a long time to write in this blog.

After coming back from Tokyo I had to move in to the apartment I had spent 4 months waiting for. I could go in to more of the problems I had just before leaving for Tokyo with my sister and getting the apartment which ended up having me pay $20 more a week in rent, but It’s a new year and I am not going to waste my life thinking on how my sister caused me great pain and stress.

Anyway since moving slowly in to my apartment (I only just got my bed), and waiting and waiting for our broadband to arrive so I could finally write to you all, I am finally once again back!

And as promised I am about to tell you all about my final days of my
Tokyo holiday. 

Let’s start from Friday the 24th of November, the day I was going to
Disneyland with Hayley.

I called Hayley that morning to wake her up as planed at 8am so we could meet up at Tokyo Station at 10am to go to Disney land.

I arrived at Tokyo Station at 9:45am and called Hayley, she had slept in again!

She suggested that I should go by myself. And after whingeing to my dad a little about how annoyed I was (not that I hate her for not turning up), I decided it would be best if I do go, because I didn’t want to miss out on going to one of the major things I wanted to do in my life which was to go to one of the Disneyland.

So I caught the train and finally arrived at Tokyo Disneyland.

The first thing I did before buying my ticket was buy a pair of furry Minnie Mouse Ears, which cost me about $15.

While I was inline for my ticket I was really happy and a little sad because it would have been nice to be with a friend there. Also looking around I think I was the only person all by myself in

As I bought my ticket and entered the gates, it was like stepping in to another world.

I started my lone exploration of Disney at Adventure land, where I went on Pirates of the
Caribbean and Jungle Cruse.
After going on those rides I soon realised that I wasn’t going to be able to go on every ride because the lines were very, very long. Most of the rides are 1 hr long but the best rides can reach 2+hrs long.
Of course you can by a thing called a fast pass for some rides but they are only at certain times which were hours away and I didn’t want to be in a line for one ride and have to leave it to go on the fast pass ride.

Next it was off to Westernland where I mostly looked around and went on the Mark Twain
River boat (only because there was a 1 min wait).
After that it was off to Critter Country, home of Splash Mountain which had the longest line, and I was very tired and sore by the time I finally reached the ride. It was so worth waiting, because it was really fun and that huge drop in to the briar patch ruled! I think Splash Mountain is the only fun ride in
Disneyland, the others are more about show but still entertaining. Oh and no I didn’t by the photo of my plunge.

After looking around Critter Country I wondered over to Fantasyland, where I went on the Tea Cups, Snow whites Adventures, it’s a small world and the Haunted Mansion. Oh and I checked out Disney

Next was Toon town where because I was exhausted, I didn’t go on the rides there but I did look around.

After Toon town I went to Tomorrow land. Space Mountain was closed so I only really went on Micro Adventure.

Food at Disney land wasn’t to bad but not great. I had a hamburger shaped Mickey mouses head. For a snack I had these nice tube pastries that had things like chocolate inside.
Dinner was the best and I wish I had it at lunch instead of the hamburger. It was Japanese style dish of Rice, Meat and a egg with a Japanese Salad. It was simple but really nice.

By the end of my Disneyland Adventure I was beat. I stayed to watch the fire works and went back to catch the 3 trains which I had to get home with. When I arrived home I went straight to bed only to be woken up by some English girl yelling stop snoring. The snoring was very loud and went forever and even I said shut up. But the English girl would stop yelling for the person to stop snoring so I didn’t get a good sleep that night.

All in all I am glad I went even though I was alone. I want to go again but next time with someone. I think I’ll also visit DisneySea.

The next day (Saturday the 25th of Nov), when I awoke the English girl whom I hadn’t meet gave me a stare like she thought it was me snoring. Later I actually meet girl who was snoring and her Sister, Maranda and Libby (libby was the snorer) from NZ. We talked for a while and they told me they just arrived and apologized for the snoring.

I also said I could show them where the temple in Asakusa was, since I was heading that way for shopping. Once there we parted ways and I went for lunch and had a big meal of Tempura, rice, miso and some Beer.

After Lunch I went to Harajuku and spent some time looking around and then went back to the hostel to rest.

Later that night I meet an Aussie Girl from
Canberra named Miriam. She suggested that the two NZ girls, a guy also staying at the hostel named Gavin and I go to Shinjuku and do some Karaoke later that night.

At 8pm we got up and went to Shinjuku only to find it pretty dead, and after a few problems finding an English Karaoke place and not wanting to be stuck till 5am if we miss our train. We went back to the hostel had some food. We decided that we would go to Harajuku in the morning. I had a feeling Miriam was disappointed and pissed that we all wanted to go home. But it was for the best.

On Sunday morning, Miriam, Gavin and I went to Harajuku. The NZ girls couldn’t come. When we arrived in Harajuku we went to the bridge before the forest where all the young people for cos play. There were so many people dressed up there, mostly Goth Lolitas. We then went to the temple and sore looks of cute kids in their Kimonos and 2 weddings.

After the Temple I took them to the 100yen shop that does the photos. They turned out soo cool and it was really fun.

We then explored Harajuku shops and I showed them the shop with all the 80’s toys in it. I was so close to buying a Rainbow Bright doll.

When we finally left Harajuku we went back to Asahusa where I did my last shopping and bought dinner, snacks and sake for a little party together.

That night was soo fun, I stayed up till 4am and meet some really cool nice people.

Of course I had to get up at  6:30am to pack my bags. At 11am Libby, Miranda. Miriam, Gavin and I went to Dennys for a huge breakfast. After Breakfast I was going to go to
Ginza with the gang but unfortunately I had to head to the airport, even though my plane wouldn’t leave till 8pm and the latest check in time was 6pm. I didn’t want to be rushed.

As I was leaving for the airport 2 guys from Brisbane who I meet the night before, joined me on the train ride to the airport.

Hayley was suppose to meet me before I left but of she had work, so I didn’t really get to say thanks for the week before.

And that’s the end of my fantastic Tokyo Adventure.

Sorry it took so long to post.


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  1. あたしが おすすめする 銀座のレーザー脱毛はコチラだよ

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