Make Love, Not Warcraft


I’ve been getting some emails from friends asking if I was still alive. The reason they are sending me these emails is because I haven’t been online to chat with them as I usually do.

You see most of my friends are living interstate, overseas or are really in to their jobs that now days it’s really hard to keep in touch, so every night we usually chat on MSN or Yahoo IM, and talk about our lives and so on and try to make plans to see each other soon and never find the time to do so. That’s what I hate about being an adult now. When you’re a kid at school you get to see your friends’ everyday, even when I was at Uni, I got to see my friends there everyday and hang out with them. But now days with our separate lives and responsibilities it’s a lot harder to find time for anything.


Anyway to the point of what I’m writing this for. The reason I haven’t been online lately is because I have an addiction (Dun dun Dar!), not to drugs, alcohol or gambling but to something much worse! It’s gotten so bad that it’s destroyed my other addictions; YouTube, Secondlife, The Sims 2, Caffeine, eating, sleeping and even watching TV.


This new addiction is called………………… World of Warcraft!

Every night after work I get online and play for hours. All I think about is WoW. My main Character is A Human Rouge lvl 28, I’ve only been playing for less then a few weeks when I find the time.


How did I come across this evil drug?

As a gamer I knew about World of Warcraft for a long time, but always found better games to keep me busy. Like Baldur’s gate series which even now with my new found love for WoW, I still think Baldur’s gate had a lot more things, plus I had a heap of mods and cheats on it to make me a god which always makes my gaming time more fun. Of course it wasn’t an online game.


Anyway to why I started playing WoW. I guess it all began when one of the US girls I meet in Tokyo told me of a site that streams south park episodes. So once I got home I watch the entire season 10 because I can’t be F&^%#$ waiting for SBS to show the new eps.


One of the season 10 episodes I really loved and that was “Make love, Not Warcraft”, I couldn’t wait to get the game. The only thing was that I was saving up for another type of online game subscription “Secondlife”. So I bought a 14 day trial and 5 days in to it I bought the full game and a prepaid game card. Then just last week I bought the Expansion.

So that’s why I haven’t been communicating with my friends online, of course I am pretty much talking to them on the phone everyday.


 But don’t you worry about me; I won’t become one of those who have no life….


Reasons why:

  1. My friends will kill me if I do not give it a brake every now and then which I have been doing (it hasn’t really been every night)
  2. A Sims2 Expantion pack is coming out next month (I hope)
  3. The very very long awaited Final Fantasy 12 is coming out next month.
  4. The beautiful Playstation 3 will be out in March.
  5. I actually have a lot of work to get done over the next few weeks
  6. I might be going away interstate or overseas soon for work
  7. I don’t have the energy to get to a really high lvl, it’s starting to bug me now.

I’m going now, I’ve got the day off so I’m going to play WoW!

Love always and forever Jarra

Take care


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