All Stuffed Up


Damn, I have the flu at the moment and I totally forgot what I was about to write. I think it was important. I’m hoping if I keep writing I’ll figure out what I wanted to write. 

Until then I think I’ll write about a currant fashion trend which is a huge pet hate of mine. The trend isn’t a new one like most trends it’s been brought back time after time, by those highly “imaginative” fashion designers out there. The trend I’m talking about is High waisted pants and skirts, I HATE THEM!!!
If you’re really skinny with barely a bump on your body, they look semi ok.
But otherwise they are totally and utterly disgusting and look worst is when the shirt is tucked in.
Another reason I hate these high waists coming back is they go hand in hand with body suits, and thinking of these make my skin crawl.
Being a born in the eighties and a child of the nineties, I know all too well of the pain of the high waist and the annoyance of pulling the body suit out from my arse crack. (Sorry to bring up that nice mental image, But I could of said something much worse)
Anyway that’s all I wanted to say for now about one of my biggest fashion hates.

Unfortunately I haven’t figured out what I wanted write about.
Damn I hate it when I’m sick like this. My head and throat is killing me, I’m dizzy, sickly in my tummy, I have a slight fever and I am so sore all over. I decided to stay at my parents until Kim my flatmate goes away for her holiday to Queensland, because I don’t want her to blame me if she gets sick while there.

Oh well maybe I’ll remember later.

Bye bye for Now

Love Jarra


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