The Simpsons Movie…


 You may have noticed that I’ve turned in to a Simpson’s character. If you haven’t noticed, then please see your doctor.

Anyway for those who maybe wondering why, should also see your doctor because it should be extremely obvious, to why I have taken on a Simpson look….

THE SIMPSONS MOVIE of course!! Only days away from world wide release. I can’t wait. Sure I’m scared it’ll disappoint but doubt it’ll be that bad.

My nephews don’t really get my excitement over the coming of this movie. Being that they were born in the early to mid nineties, they have no knowledge to when The Simpsons first graced our Aussie screens. 

You see for my generation of now 20 something plus, we remember those early dark days of when The Simpsons first came out. The Simpsons first aired here in Australia on 10th of Feb 1991 (not too sure if that is the right date). I would have been 7 years old (turning 8 in May).
 I remember days before listening to my dad tell me about a new cartoon from the US; all my friends going on about it and some of them were going on about how their parents weren’t going to let them watch it. I also remember listening to those parents arguing about it and wanting it banned.  It seems rather silly thinking back on those parents getting their knickers in a knot over The Simpsons. A few of my friends were never aloud to watch it as children. Luckily my parents weren’t that stupid or protective.

When The Simpsons finally came on our screens we sat in front of the TV as a family, and from that moment on we were hooked.
I’m not just talking about my brother and I, pretty much my whole family loved it. It was nice.

Every night that The Simpsons were on, as soon as I heard that opening tune, I’d run up and down our hall way yelling “The Simpsons are on”

I loved The Simpsons, I had some toys, mostly the free ones that came from Pizza Hut because we didn’t have much money back in those days. I had colouring in books and so much more.
I even started a club with some of my friends at after school care; we had food, and gave everyone gifts and we’d talk about cool stuff.  But the jerk that ran the aftercare, closed us down. Because I calling the club “the cool kids” and excluding others from it wasn’t a good thing, plus I would share my chocolate muffins with everyone (I only had enough for my friends).
I kinda see his point, but still it was an awesome club while it lasted. Oh he also closed it down because he really hated me, think of Bart being me and him being principle Skinner. It’s not my fault he was a jerk that hate kids and I was loud, out spoken, have a have a tendency of answering back and the kids at aftercare listened to me and did my bidding (lol partly true).

You maybe thinking it’s really weird that I remember so much from the year when The Simpsons first aired here in Australia. But 1991 was a huge year for me, lots of good and bad things happened that year. On of those being, becoming an Aunty for the first time and even seeing him born.

Anyway that’s all I want to write at the moment.
Apart from why is Australia’s Simpsons release date earlier to the US??? Not that I’m complaining, I guess it’s compensation to that horrible Australian Simpsons episode.

Simpsonize yourself by going to the simsons movie website or
Love Jarra


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