Well Being and slightly Big Plans.


Lately I’ve been feeling kinda good about life and have a slight feeling of well being (if that makes sense, it’s late sorry). This feeling seems to be slowly lifting the smoky vial I’ve had in my head about myself and future. I’m feeling motivated, and because of this motivation I feel like making some slightly big plans, for the next six months.

One of my first plans, is to go hard in my savings. I need to take 50% of my wage and save it for about 12 + weeks, which will hopefully add up to enough for my flight to Tokyo and living expenses for about two weeks there.
 It’s going to F’ing hard to save that money and not spend it before I go, but I really am desperate to go overseas again soon, and because I’m going to be travelling alone, Tokyo feels to me to be the easiest option for now, until I build up my confidence in travelling around the world alone.
The only thing in my way (apart from my lack of self-control when saving money) is that in November the month I plan to go, my flatmate Kim is moving out once our lease is up, and I haven’t gotten anyone to take the room. Finding someone before I leave is going to be super stressful, plus I don’t know I can trust a stranger in my house while I’m away. I don’t have a clue what I am going to do. *Sigh*

My next plan is to take 10% of my wage to save for a future H’day and use the rest of my deposable income to buy stuff to make my apartment look cool. Because lets face it, it’s rather plain at the moment and I’d love to make it something special (YAY already started by getting rid of Kim Fugly buggar clock). Once Kim leaves I need to buy a dinning table set, washing machine, a TV unit and dvd/vcr.  So they are first on the list. Oh and my next big overseas trip is to go around the world. Paris and New York is on the list. Maybe might check out Italy, other cities in the US and Canada.

Another plan is one I’ve been doing since the start of the year kinda. And that is getting fit. I haven’t lost major weight but I am ten times fitter then I was at the start. I go to the gym lots (part of the reason I’ve been getting pimples grrr…) and my eating is getting better. I really want to reach my goal by my next birthday.

Anyway going to keep positive and I am totally excited by my H’day in 12+weeks. I really hope I can stick to it and save enough to go. I really need to travel; it’s weird how strong the desire is.

Anyway love ya all. ~Jarra

PS. I’m too tired to read though this so I’m going to check it tomorrow.


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