Turning Japanese


In my last blog post I mentioned that one of my next big plans was to go on an overseas trip to Tokyo and give myself 12 weeks to save for it.

Well I’m still working on that plan, and I’m now going earlier then I had planed, at least a week or two earlier. But it’s cool, because I’ll still have enough money for the ticket and expenses. In fact I even booked my ticket on Wednesday, and have to pay it off in a few weeks. I got what I thought was a good deal, because it’s a direct flight there and back home, so I’m rather happy with that, because I really don’t want to fly to KL and wait there for hours, not that KL is bad, just that I’ll be so tired. I also could have gotten a cheap arse flight with Jet Star but I really don’t know what their international flights are like, and the plane lands in Osaka not Tokyo and Tokyo is where I want to spend most of my trip.

I’m really excited about this trip; going back to Tokyo has been my plan since I got back from there last November. This time I have 3 weeks there, completely by myself. I’m thinking I’ll check out some other towns and cities in Japan, just haven’t worked out totally where, I have no idea how to get to anywhere. I guess also because I’ll be alone, I’m afraid that I’ll get lost or stuck somewhere. Hopefully I’ll work it all over the next few weeks; I really want to book my hotel rooms (more like backpacker dorms) soon.

I’ll be on a pretty tight budget, which kinda sucks, but it was around the same budget I had last time. And knowing what I know about costs in Japan, I’m sure I’ll handle it fine. My mouth is watering thinking about all the great food, and I’m now addicted to Sake, so I will be drinking that once there.  Taking about Sake, I went to a great little Japanese place a week or more ago with my dad and we had Sake with gold fakes, I don’t know if the gold helps the taste but it was one of the best sakes I’ve had.

Also on the topic of foods (because I am starving and need to eat soon), I went to this new Japanese place a little before the maccers in Swanson street. The food wasn’t that great unfortunately, it could have been because it had just opened but it kinda sucked. Plus they gave us hot sake when I said cold. The one thing I did enjoy there was the wasabi ice-cream, the sago they had with it was awful but the ice-cream was nice, but I still rather Green Tea as my fave flavour.
OH and I also went to wagamamas recently but I’ve had cheaper and better.

(BTW I love two Japanese restaurants in Melbourne city, but I won’t name them, because I love them to much to have stalkers follow me there :P)

The funny thing about these two places I went to, I sore two clebs, one was James M something from Idol at the not so good Japanese place and the other cleb I sore a week later on the way to the good Japanese restaurant was Rove. The Rove sighting was very awkward, and I don’t wish to relive it.

Oh I decided that in my 9 or so weeks I have till I’m there, I better learn some Japanese, so I’m listening to learn Japanese pod casts. Which aren’t bad, now I got to work out how I learn to read Japanese? I’ll listen to the pod casts pretty much very day. They are just the basics to surviving in Japan, but what ever helps.

Because Japan is on my mind at the moment for obvious reasons, I’m researching like crazy, sucks I don’t still have my lonely planet guide which was stolen on my last day. I really could use it right now.

Anyway better go, sorry this blog is a little all over the place.


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