Hello From Japan again 2


Day 3 Kyoto, 6th of November 2007.

Tuesday I got up early and decided to head to the Higashiyama and Gion Districts. First I walked down the streets of Higashiyama, which were empty because it was very early in the morning. I walked my was towards kimyomizu temple and before paying to enter the temple I paid 100yen to go down a hall which is called Tainai-meguri, I won’t tell you the details of it but it’s a really cool story behind it, and also freaked me out going down the hall.

I then paid to go to kimyomizu temple, which is very cool, not only do you get a nice view of Kyoto but there are all these trees changing colour and it’s sort of sitting in a mountain. And a part from the hoards of tourists that go there, I really enjoyed it.

I also visited a little shrine there called Jishin-jinja which has this love stone walk and is filled with lots of Japanese teenage school girls.

Eventually I left Kiyomizu making my way back towards the main street. This time the main street was packed, all the shops were open and it was very cool. The best thing was going in to the shops that sold pickle veg and sweets, and trying all the free samples. If you were totally broke, then that is a really good way to feed yourself for free, some of the places also give you free tea while you shop. Don’t spend to long at one shop though because you’ll get looks, but don’t be shy everyone does it.

After walking more down the little streets in the area, I entered this park called Maruyama Park (I think), this is where they do some of the Autumn leaf viewing. In the park there was this little restaurant, so as it was lunch time I thought why not eat something a little costly. So $32 later I had a very nice and interesting Japanese meal. It was made more nice by the cool old look inside and view of the park. Also the lady serving me was so friendly, most are but not always.

After Lunch I explored Gion area, which was really a nice experience. I loved all the nice old houses and the little streets. I soon came across a temple called Kennin-Ji which is the oldest Zen temples in Kyoto. You pay the usual 500yen to walk around the temple, it was really beautiful and the Zen Gardens were very awesome. Also in one room there is a huge painting on the celling made up of lots of mats of a twin dragon. Apparently it was done in 2002 for the birthday of the temple.  After some more time exploring I headed back to the hostel for a good much needed sleep.

Day 4 Kyoto, 7th of November 2007

On Wednesday I took the bus to the Fushimi Inari Shrine which is like 4ks up a mountain with lots and lots of Torii gates which are meant to be red but really they are a orange. There are also lots of stone fox statues.  The weather was really nice and clear and sunny, so it made a very perfect day.  Before tackling this long walk through all the gates, I had lunch at a really nice and friendly little ramen place. The walk through the gates was very cool, I have so many photos of just how the light plays with the gates all lined up. Very Cool.

After I headed back to Kyoto station and went up Kyoto tower which although was a very cool view, is kinda a waste of money for not much.

When I was done with the tower, I walked to the Imperial palace which is in this very lovely huge park.

As soon as I was done enjoying the looking at the palace I headed downtown for dinner and some window shopping. Till it was time for me to head back to the Hostel.

Day 5 Kyoto, 8th of November.

On Thursday I went on a day trip to Himeji. Which was so nice, helped by the fantastic weather. it’s also very small which makes it a great day trip.

I was very ill on that day, but I got great help at the tourist info center where they showed me where to go for the drug store.

Soon I felt better and was ready to take on Himeji-jo (Himeji Castle). The castle is very beautiful and has heaps of History. After taking off your shoes as always, you get to walk up in to the main castle tower, which is just amazing and beautiful in it’s simplicity. The main tower is like 5 stories and there are a lot of stairs to go up, but it’s so worth it. I also walked down a long hall called the Cosmetic hall, which was made for the princess. It’s really all so beautiful.

After a while at the castle I headed to have lunch then to the Castle garden call Koko-en. With lots of Edo style little gardens. Also this very cool tea house where had one of the best Matcha teas (tea ceremony) experiences I had.

I really wanted to do much more in Himeji but I was starting to get sick again and so I headed back to Kyoto.

Day 6; Last day in Kyoto, 9th of November 2007:

Friday was my last day in Kyoto. I met a nice roommate from Israel so they took me to this place where there was handy crafts. It was really cool, but pricey and I couldn’t stay long because I had to catch the train then bus to Mt Fuji 5 hrs away. When I arrived in Mishma where I had to catch the bus, I was very confussed and no one was able to help me, so I wasn’t sure if I was getting on the right bus. I was so close to just hoping on the train and going to Tokyo. Eventually I arrived was ok because I arrived ok to Kawaguchiko (one of the 5 lakes of Mt Fuji), where I was staying.

Day 7; Kawaguchiko (Mt Fuji) 10th of November: 

On Saturday I woke at 7:30am, I was a little depressed because it’s way the last day of my JRpass and the weather was just wet and there was cloud everywhere. So being a little out of sorts I took the day just to read and relax.

Day 8; Kawaguchiko (Mt Fuji) 11th November 2007:

Sunday I woke at the usually 7am, I decided that I wasn’t going to stay indoor and I was going to make the most of being in Kawaguchiko even if I couldn’t see Mt fuji. So I made off at 8am for a very long walk around Lake Kawaguchiko, Along the way I stopped at a little market, I also took in the beautiful Autumn leafs and got a little clouded view of Mt Fuji. 8hours of walking and taking in the beauty I was back at the hostel for a dvd with some of the people at the hostel.

Day 9; Kawaguchiko (Mt Fuji) to Tokyo; 12th November 2007:

Monday was my last day at Kawaguchiko, and ended up being the best day. The weather was nothing but blue skys and warm sun. Which meant Mt Fuji was visible, and it was so amazing, I took like 100 photos, but unfortantly I didn’t have time to go far enough for the best view.

 I caught the bus at 12 for Shinjuku and it was really nice, not only did I get a lovely view along the way, but it was so comfy and fast.

When I arrived in Shinjuku I was a little lost because I hadn’t really been there during the day time, but as soon as I sore Hayleys old Nova I knew where I was. Eventually I arrived in Asakusa and checked in to the hostel. I explored Asakusa for a while, had a tampura lunch and got an early nite watching crazy Japanese TV.

Day 10;  Tokyo 13th November 2007:

On Tuesday I Explored Shibuya and Harajuku, remembering most of one of my fave places in Tokyo.


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