Well here I am again in Japan, this time not just in Tokyo.

Arrived in Tokyo on 3rd November 2007:

It all started one week ago arriving 2 hours late thanks to a flight delay. I found it a little hard at first trying to work out where to buy the ticket to get in to Asakusa, but eventually I worked it out. I wasn’t too sure at first because because I hadn’t gotten the train from the airport before.

Once I finally arrived at Asakusa I was very comfortable finding my way to the hostel, it felt like I never left.
Luckily after check in ends at 10pm they leave a key in a lock box to pick up if you are late, which is very helpful. That night I was booked in to a single room which was small but nice to arrive to instead of a dark dorm of sleeping roommates.

Day 1 tTokyo to Kyoto, 4th of November 2007:

I had a pretty good nights sleep, even on those bloody hard Japanese beds. I woke at 8am, checked in and out of the hostel, then hopped on a train to Ueno. The place where I exchange my JRpass at Ueno was closed until 10am, so I decided to spend some time walking around Ueno. Like with Asakusa I had no trouble finding my way around which was weird because I had only been there once for a few hours.
Walking down the the closed market streets of Ueno there where lots of people lined up to get in to every pachinko parlor I sore. I also had a lovely walk through Ueno Park. Soon I decided it was time to exchange my ticket and catch the Yamanoteo line to Tokyo station. From there I caught the shinkansen line train to Kyoto, 160 mins from Tokyo. The Shinkansen trains are awesome and with the JRpass it’s so easy to travel Japan in a day.

While on the train to Kyoto, I had a really nice Bento Box lunch. During the train ride I was hoping to see mt fuji but but unfortunately there was way to much cloud cover.

Eventually I arrived in Kyoto at about 3pm, and after checking in at my hostel I explored the Kyoto station area. I was tempted to explore more but I thought it best to have a rest.

Day 2 Kyoto, 5th of November:

The next Morning I woke at 7am and after a nice shower I caught the bus to Rokuon-ji (Golden Temple).
The golden temple was very beautiful and was helped by the nice autumn weather. It cost 500yen to get in to the pavilion, and there was a handful of tourists, mainly Japanese tourists. I was there early in the morning so it wasn’t so badly packed with tourists. When you get to near the end of the lovely pavilion, there is this tea house where for 500yen you can get some green tea from a tea ceremony and a little cake. It start a bit of an addiction to having this at most temples I went to.

After leaving the golden temple I caught a taxi to the bamboo forest thinking that it wouldn’t be that far, not a smart idea as it ended up costing me $17. Oh well it wasn’t too bad.

I walked through the bamboo forest when I arrived, exploring the little shrine along the way. Until I got to Tenryu-j, Which was very cool, you pay like 500yen and get to walk inside and around the temple (shoes off).

After exploring the Temple I soon left and made my way to the main street (Anasiyama area) to find some where to eat lunch. I wasn’t too sure where to eat, there were many restaurants but none really appealed to me. Eventually I picked some random place with a set lunch. I entered and was seated on one of the floor tables, which wasn’t too comfy. I soon got my menu and it was all in Japanese, so being brave I pointed to something, I had no idea what. When my lunch arrived I was so thankful because it was really a wonderful lunch. The meal was made up of Sashimi, plickeled veg, tampura veg and fish, eel, soup, egg type pudding and cold soba noodles oh and my fave of it all a mushroom rice.

After Lunch I headed across the river to the monkey park (Iwatayama park) , which is a long walk up a mountain 155m above sea level. It takes 20mins to walk up to the top where all the monkeys hang out. It’s so worth the walk up, not only for the cute monkeys that you get to see very up close, but also for the view of Kyoto. It costs about $5-$10 to get in to the park and about $1 to get a bag of fruit to feed the monkeys through the caged resting area.

After feeding and watching the monkeys, I made my way down the mountain and headed back to the hostel by bus.

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